Established in 1996, Eagle Chemicals Sdn Bhd is one of the leading chemical suppliers of industrial raw materials and high performance chemicals to various manufacturing concern. Our most focus industries consist of PVC and Polyolefin compounding, Electroplating (from Umicore Galvanotechnik Gmbh), UV Coating, adhesive, rubber and latex dipping, polyurethane foam and ceramics.

Geographically, besides Malaysia, we have stretched the market coverage and made our presence felt in Vietnam and Myanmar by establishing business associates with local companies.

Since our incorporation, we are fully committed to serve and deliver high quality and competitive products to end users. Creating a win win relationship with customers will always remain our uncompromised priority in order to sustain long term business friendship.

Our Vision
To become a fully integrated chemical supplier in this region.

Company Information

Established Date : 1996
Founders : Mr PM Lee, Mr HE Chan
Total Employed Staff : 20

Corporate Profile
Corporate Structure